3 Ways To Use Chia Seeds In Your Smoothies


Chia seeds have an absolutely huge bunch of health benefits. Seriously, Google it. They’re rich in antioxidants, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, they can aid in weight loss, they can improve exercise performance… the list goes on and on! And, amazing news, they’re incredibly simple to incorporate into your diet, especially in your morning/post-workout smoothie. Here’s three ways to chia-up (get it…? Like cheer up but with chia…?) your smoothie.

1. Throw ’em in as is Chia seeds are super low-maintenance, and you don’t actually need to do any preparation in order to chuck them into your smoothie. Add them to the blender along with all the other ingredients or sprinkle them on top.

2. Pop them into a pepper mill and grind them in It has been found that grinding chia seeds before consuming them can help the body absorb and put to good use their nutrients more effectively. Pop your chia seeds into a clean pepper mill, and use that to grind them directly into your smoothie. Having them in the pepper mill means that a) your seeds are always freshly ground and b) you don’t have to sit and grind a whole packet in one go; just use as much or as little as you need, when you need.

3. Turn them into ‘chia gel’ Soak the whole seeds in water for 15/20 minutes before blending them into your smoothie. Two tablespoons of seeds need roughly 250ml of water. This creates a gelatinous substance that, when blended in, will both thicken up your smoothie and boost it’s nutritional value (try using chia gel instead of a banana to reduce the sugar content of your smoothie!).

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  • Love adding chia seeds to my smoothies. I always use method 1 or 3, never tried grinding them with a pepper mill!
    One of my favourite smoothies has chia gel stirring in at the end, so you get a beautiful chia swirl in the glass. Gonna try the milling one, just need to get either a spice or pepper mill for it X

    • I’ve become absolutely obsessed with them recently, I’m literally shoving them into everything! I even tried to make chia seed pancakes with a recipe I kind of half made up myself. I mean, it was a complete disaster, but it hasn’t put me off ;)
      A chia swirl sounds just beautiful, I’m going to try that next time xx