DIY Lavender and Bergamot Sleep Spray

DIY lavender and bergamot sleep spray (with printable labels)

Towards the end of last year I realised that, in order to fully embrace life and appreciate every moment, I needed to sort out my sleeping pattern; for too long I’d been sleeping late and rising early, spending my days in this permanent zombified state, constantly wishing I was back in bed. I’ve already written a post on my quest to create a healthy bedtime routine, at one point mentioning how I love to use lavender, primarily via a sleep spray/pillow mist, to prep me for bed and send me into a calm, relaxing night of sleep.

I’ve used and loved a number of pillow mists in the past, most containing lavender as one of the primary ingredients but, though these are certainly lovely and I’m not ruling out using them again, on closer inspection they also tend to contain a whole array of other random, synthetic stuff. Though I’m sure these ingredients aren’t going to be harmful, it struck me how easy it would be to create a pillow mist myself from scratch, using only essential oils and water. Making my own mist would mean that I knew exactly what I was spraying onto my pillow each night, also allowing me to experiment with my own scent combinations. Lavender was of course my starting point, but I’ve also incorporated bergamot essential oil into my personal sleep spray; it’s an uplifting scent that blends so well with the lavender to help you feel calm and content as you fall asleep.

DIY lavender and bergamot sleep spray (with printable labels)DIY lavender and bergamot sleep spray (with printable labels)


spray/mist bottle (can probably be found in the travel section of your supermarket)
– filtered water
lavender essential oil (I recommend Holland & Barrett for all essential oil needs)
bergamot essential oil
A4 single label sheets
– printable labels (small or large)


1. Remove the lid of the spray bottle and add the essential oils. For my 50ml bottles, I’ve found that 30 drops of the bergamot and 20 of the lavender works well, though experiment with ratios/amounts to suit your own preferences (I suggest keeping it subtle rather than overpowering).

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water.

3. Shake well before using and spray sparingly to avoid a damp pillow. Sweet dreams!

(4.) If you’re planning to give these as a gifts (or simply want to jazz things up for yourself!), feel free to use my bottle labels! Download the labels (small or large) and print the page onto an A4 label sheet (not one with separate labels, a single label per page one, like these) before using a ruler, craft knife and board to slice along the dotted lines. Attach the individual labels to each bottle and you’re good to go.

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