DIY Uplifting Geranium and Orange Candle

DIY Uplifting Geranium and Orange Candle

I’ve been keeping these little blue glass jars aside for making candles for what must be six months, and I’m proud to say that I finally got my act together and used them, as intended, to make candles! I’ve been such a fan of sleepy scents recently (see my lavender and bergamot sleep spray) but with these candles I wanted to try something a little different, creating an uplifting, reviving aroma rather than a totally calming, bedtime one. I must admit I’ve taken total inspiration from Neal’s Yard here, one of my favourite products of theirs is the geranium and orange shower gel, so I gathered the ingredients (plus the necessary essential oils from my collection) and set to work making a candle that would bring my desired scent to life.

DIY Uplifting Geranium and Orange CandleDIY Uplifting Geranium and Orange Candle


soy wax flakes
soy wax wicks
geranium essential oil
orange essential oil
– small glass jar
– small saucepan
– clothes peg
– scissors


1. Thoroughly clean and dry your glass jar (or other desired candle container) before filling it to the top with wax flakes, pouring the flakes into a saucepan and repeating once. For me, this made the perfect amount of wax.

2. Place the metal base of the wick into the very centre of the base of your jar, securing with a peg, as pictured above. Make sure your wick is standing as straight as possible so that it remains central all the way through your candle.

3. On a low/medium heat, melt the soy wax. Once it’s completely liquid, add the geranium and orange essential oils (I used about 20 drops of each, but this will depend on the size of your container), before swirling the pan gently to mix the wax and oil.

4. Carefully pour the liquid wax into the jar, leaving a small gap between the wax and the rim. Leave to set.

5. Once your candle has completely set, trim the wick if necessary. Enjoy!

DIY Uplifting Geranium and Orange Candle

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