5 Crystals for Increased Positivity and Wellbeing

5 Crystals to Introduce to Your Life

Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystals or not, they’re a beautiful addition to your home and general life. Personally, I have to admit that I struggle to get my head around the theory behind it all however I find them fascinating and am totally behind anything that promotes positivity. Whether they’re physically doing anything or not, choosing a stone that represents something you want or need will turn you on to saying yes to the right decisions and opportunities that will draw that particular thing closer. It’s a real, tangible reminder of your goals, hopes and dreams. And, honestly, whatever you find comfort in, whatever keeps you happy and looking forward, is a plus; crystals aren’t harming anyone, so why not embrace the magic? Here are my five favourite crystals, a few of their purported properties and what they are said represent.

1. Clear quartz The master healer. Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals on Earth. It’s ideal for bringing balance to the body and clarity/focus to the mind. It is said that it can help clear emotional detritus from the past and enhance positive emotions.

2. Lapis lazuli This deep blue stone is used to enhance intellectual ability/memory and to stimulate a desire for knowledge and understanding. It is also said to encourage honesty and deeper communication, bringing harmony to relationships.

3. Turquoise For good health and protection, strengthening the immune system and aiding with both physical and mental exhaustion. Turquoise may be used to encourage inner calm by stabilising mood swings and bringing peace to the mind. I love this one for its bright, vibrant colour.

4. Opal A beautiful, cloudy stone with a flash of rainbow within. Use this to provide inspiration and enhance imagination and creativity. As a water stone, like a river flowing over the rocks at its bed, the energy of an opal helps one smoothly move past times of change.

5. Blue lace agate This calming, sky-blue stone is one for bringing tranquility and lessening feelings of anger or nervousness. It enhances intuition and brings tact to both written and spoken communication. Sometimes I like to hold this stone whilst I meditate to help me focus on soothing my mind and being more present.

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