Sunday Inspiration Vol. 1

Sunday Inspiration Vol.1

If my blog were a day of the week (like one of those really weird Buzzfeed quizzes that links two completely random things – “Have Breakfast For Dinner And We’ll Reveal Which Emoji You Are”), I’d hope that it would be a Sunday. Why? Because Sunday, for me at least, is absolutely the best day of the week. It’s slower and more laid back. It’s a day for recollecting your thoughts, readying yourself for the week ahead and taking some much needed me-time. It’s a day for getting up late, reading in bed and eating brunch. It’s a day for flourishing… and being… get it? Flourish & Be? I crack me up.

Bad blog name references aside, with Sunday being a day for stepping back and taking things slow, I thought it’d be a nice time to share the things I’ve been loving (both online and offline) in the preceding week(s). Here I’ll collate the things I’ve enjoyed, discovered and taken inspiration from in a single, concentrated space. So, here you go. Here’s my first list of Sunday inspiration:

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1. Take some time away from your phone/laptop/iPad/desktop with these five ways to unwind without the internet. I’ve really appreciated getting more involved again in the blogging community recently on Instagram/Twitter, however I know that it’s also necessary to regularly step away from the tech and detach from the world of social media. (Oh My Clumsy Heart Journal)

2. I’m normally pretty upbeat when it comes to work but one day last week I completely lost the will. It was on the way to work that morning that I came across these tips for appearing confident at work when you don’t really know what you’re doing. Though I honestly do know what I’m doing, I sometimes lack the confidence I need to do it, and this pepped me up at the beginning of a difficult day. (Sophie Rosie)

Sunday Inspiration Vol.1

3. I’ve enjoyed the Designlovefest blog for a long time, especially the ton of free downloadable tech wallpapers regularly shared there. These (and an upcoming Instagram post of mine) inspired me to create something similar myself… watch this space! (Designlovefest)

4. What with getting more involved with Twitter again, I’m becoming reacquainted with the people I’m following. One account I’m really enjoying getting to know again is @LondonMindful aka The Mindfulness Project. They’re always posting helpful tips, quotes and reminders to be present, which is much appreciated on my feed! They also hold courses at their London HQ, I actually went to a fantastic mindfulness and meditation session there a couple of years ago, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved. (The Mindfulness Project)


5. I’ve recently gotten into the habit of buying and discovering new magazines, a more recent purchase being Breathe magazine. And let’s just say it’s basically ruined all other magazines for me. It’s a lifestyle magazine dedicated to wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity and the general escaping of busy life… everything I love in one place! If I could put together my perfect publication, Breathe would be it.

6. There are so many habits I’d like to keep up with but a lot of the time I struggle with commitment. Even when buying The Five-Minute Journal I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to stick with it. However, I’ve now been writing in it morning and night for a couple of weeks and I’ve honestly begun noticing a real difference in my mood and outlook on life. Bringing focus to what I’m grateful for and the small-but-amazing things that happen each day has nurtured a much more positive attitude within me and I’m now absolutely committed to keeping the journal as part of my daily routine.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and the week ahead!

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