Weekend Notes

Weekend Notes

Hey guys! And happy weekend!

It’s been quite a week for me, mainly because it marked the start of my new internship in social media/PR! I haven’t mentioned it here yet because I wanted to find my feet a bit before I went into any detail, but I left my full time job as a supervisor in retail at the very end of last year (without anything else to move on to) with the idea that I would find something more ‘me’ in the New Year… and it’s all come together rather more quickly than expected!

Fate/destiny/amazing timing have worked in my favour, and I’ve secured a dreamy position with a small business that I adore, doing exactly what I love doing! Mix this with seeing lots of friends, working on upcoming blog posts and beginning to dip my toe into that nutritional therapy course I’ve been wanting to do for two years, I’m pretty in love with how this week turned out. Here’s a handful of links from around the web that inspired me this week…

Weekend Notes #1

– I’ve gotten into the habit of making a fresh smoothie each morning, and I’m dying to try out a few of these 5-ingredient smoothie recipes.

– Reversible ways to upgrade your rental space.

– These recipes for dishes you didn’t know you could make in a slow cooker have inspired me to find ours and start using it more regularly.

– 7 tips for slowing down and decluttering your mind.

– Organise and refresh your phone and laptop for the new year.

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