A Love Letter to The Ocean
Prompts for Your Gratitude Journal

Flourish & Be is the personal lifestyle blog of Tom, a 23 year old guy living in London, who spends much of his free time writing, taking photos, cooking up new recipes in his tiny kitchen and, of course, drinking endless cups of iced coffee. Or tea. Or something fizzy.

Hi there! Welcome to Flourish & Be, I’m so glad you could make it! My name is Tom and this is my very own lifestyle blog. What will you find here? It’s hard to pinpoint.

Sometimes you’ll see delicious recipes, and sometimes I’ll share a favourite DIY. Sometimes I’ll share a lighthearted living tip, and sometimes I’ll share a more personal look into my life.

Flourish & Be isn’t about boundaries, and it’s not about living or being a certain way. It’s about my journey to a happier, healthier existence. It’s abut finding a smile in every moment. It’s about flourishing into the best version of me that I can possibly be – and I’d love if you’d join me for the ride!

I hope you enjoy your time here and thank you so much for visiting. If you’d like to get social, join me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.